Music at Leasowes Bank - the end of an era

After 33 summer music festivals Music at Leasowes Bank has come to an end. John and Frances Williams have had to leave their home in Ratlinghope in the South Shropshire hills and the years of music making were brought to a stunning conclusion with the 2013 season.

John and Frances want to thank their principal funders – The Arts Council, Shropshire Council, The Performing Right Society along with the RVW Trust and many other small music charities and private individuals – who made the concerts possible as without subsidy such internationally renowned musicians and composers could not have been brought to this unique but very rural location.

Most of all the loyal audience, who trailed up the hill to Leasowes Bank to share music, deserve the greatest thanks. These wonderful people, year after year, encouraged John and Frances to keep the music going, to carry on commissioning new music and taking risks. Hopefully they too have their memories of summer evenings at Leasowes Bank.

The archives, original scores and programmes going back to the first concert in 1981 are being preserved.

If any information is required about the festival please email Us